Carbon dioxide welding welding standard

1. The CO2 welding through ability, welding current density (100-300-A/m2), little deformation, the production efficiency than electrode arc welding high 1-3 times

2. CO2 gas cheap, the workpiece before welding of cleaning will keep it simple, it costs only electric arc welding electrode of 40% 50%

3. Weld resist rust ability, including hydrogen content low, and cold crack tend to small.

4. Welding process of metal splash more, especially when the process parameters adjustment don’t match, particularly serious.

5. Not easy oxidation of welding of metal materials, wind ability is poor, field operations or leakage day work, need to have wind measures.

6. Welding arc is strong, pay attention to arc radiation.

Three, metallurgy characteristics

The welding process in metallurgy CO2 is mainly displays in:

1. The CO2 gas is a gas oxidation and under high temperature decomposition, has strong oxidation, the burning of the alloy element or cause porosity and splash, etc. Solve CO2 oxidizing measures is deoxidization, particular way is in the welding wire with a certain amount deoxidizer. Practice show that the Si-Mn deoxidizing effect is best, so is now widely used H08Mn2SiA H10Mn2Si welding wire, etc.