Ac arc welding machine should be pay attention to safety

(1) arc welding machine should be far away from combustible and explosive substances; Arc welding machine with the installation environment conditions should be adapted to; Arc welding machine should avoid damp, and prevent the foreign body in.

(2) arc welding machine shell should be reliable meet protection conductor; In order to prevent high pressure into the dangers of low pressure, arc welding machine secondary side a point should also meet protection conductor.

(3) arc welding machine a rated voltage should be consistent with the power supply voltage; Current work shall not exceed the corresponding rate of temporary load under allowable current.

(4) arc welding machine should be the terminal row connection; Wiring should correctly, should avoid to produce harmful circulation.

(5) many sets of welding machine should as far as possible the lead evenly in three phase power, try to keep three phases balance.

(6) the arc welding machine, a second power all should adopt copper heart rubber cable (rubber set of soft line); A line length is unfavorable exceed 2 ~ 3 m.

(7) arc welding machine, a secondary coil insulation resistance qualified.

(8) mobile welding power must be.

(9) in electric shock risk big environment homework, arc welding machine secondary side arc automatic power out should be installed devices.

(10) arc welding operations shall wear insulating gloves, working clothes, shoes, such as mask protective equipment; In the metal container work, also should wear a helmet, protective appliances like elbow pairze pads, etc.